Co-curricular Activities

At Montessori School, we place a lot of emphasis on extracurricular activities such as debates,declamations,quizzes, dancing, singing, games and other interactive programmes which are designed to reinforce and complement classroom education.We believe that such activities lead to a healthy spirit of competition among students, develops character and a sense of fair play, and fosters genuine friendship among the pupils, one devoid of petty and selfish motives.
We encourage debates and elocutions,and hold regular fetes and craft exhibitions, etc. We hold a robust Sports-Day and Annual-Day for the all-round development of the students.



Montessori School has always believed in developing its students’ oratorical skills.Through its debates, held on a regular basis, weseek to train boys in various forms of public speaking and debating. We send our students to various inter-school competitions. Montessori tries to develop its students’ to ability to communicate clearly in a confident manner. This is a valuable life skill and can help students at job interviews, or even in every-day life situations.



Dance is one of the purest forms of communication. At Montessori, we encourage students to take part in various forms of dance that reflect India’s rich and varied cultural heritage. Whether it is the graceful Kuchipudi or the oldest dance form, Bharatanatyam, or even modern dance, such as disco and salsa, Montessori holds dance events throughout the year. It helps students to understand more about themselves and engenders a spirit of mutual respect and co-operation.


Sports Day:

Sports is an integral part of the education at Montessori School. We truly believe that sports build character. At Montessori, we place a lot of emphasis on sports and allied activities. The school has a team of expert professional coaches. In addition, the academic staff routinely encourage and are committed to help deliver an extensive sports programme. We have facilities for sports, such as cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, etc. At our Annual Sports Day, we hold a variety of events that showcases our rich sporting legacy to the guests and school staff.


Annual Day:

The Montessori Annual Day celebration is an opportunity for our students and staff to demonstrate their varied skills, and accomplishments before an enthusiastic audience. On this day, the school staff and students present plays, skits, dramas, etc. that bring to the fore the hidden talents of the school. It is a culmination of the efforts of the whole school to showcase the values that Montessori stands for and has fostered in its pupils over the years.



Throughout the year, Montessori holds various art and craft exhibitions, which bring out the creativity of its students. At our school, art and craft is well integrated into the curriculum so as to develop our students’ creativity and allows them to express their imagination freely. The Art and Craft Exhibition is an important event, for which students and staff prepare throughout the year. Typically, the exhibition displays various paintings, drawings, and art and craft works of the students.

International Yoga Day Clelebration