When was your school established?

The Montessori School, Dehradun, was set up in July 1943. We are the oldest day school in the town.

Is Montessori a co-educational school?

Yes indeed! We provide quality education to both boys and girls.

What is the total number of students in the school?

As of now, we have just over 800 children studying at our school.

What is the admission procedure?

For admission, parents must fill up the registration forms available in the school office. Pupils seeking admission will be tested, then admitted only on merit. A parent or guardian of a new student seeking admission to Play Group or KG must produce an authentic and official Birth Certificate.

A new student joining class I/II or above cannot be admitted unless his previous recognized school’s Transfer Certificate is produced in original countersigned by the concerned authorities.

The admission fee, the security fee and the first instalment of tuition fees must be paid in advance to complete the admission formalities.

What is the student/teacher ratio at the school?

For optimum learning purposes, we maintain a student/teacher ratio at 1:25. Classes are kept small so each child receives individual attention.

Do you use any special teaching aids to make learning more fun in the classroom?

We do occasionally use LCD screens and projectors in the classrooms to make the academic process more creative and interactive.

Does the school organize trips to museums, heritage sites, etc. so the children can learn more about the world around them?

Yes, we do try taking our students out for excursions, etc. so they can know more about life beyond the classrooms. It is all part of the learning process.

Does the school provide remedial classes for students who need extra help with academics?

Yes, we provide extra classes for students who find it difficult to keep pace with the others. Such classes are generally held after school hours.

What facilities do you provide for games and sports?

The school has a basketball court as well as facilities for football and cricket. We are looking to develop infrastructure for more sports and games.

What other co-curricular activities do you offer?

We encourage our students to take part in debates, dance programs, quiz competitions, elocutions, poetry recitation and story-telling competitions, etc. It all contributes to enhance different aspects of their personality and makes for an all-round education.

Do you provide medical facilities on campus?

Yes, there are regular visits by a qualified doctor to the school.

When does the school close for vacations?

The school closes for summer vacations around the third week of May. Students also get a few days off during the Diwali period. There is a one-week Christmas break as well.

Does Montessori offer any scholarships to deserving students?

We are planning to create a scholarship program for deserving students soon.

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