Education has become a complex business nowadays. With so many schools to choose from, and with each trying to outdo the other in offering ‘world-class’ amenities, it is becoming harder for the parents to pick one for their ward’s education. In this respect, I am happy to state that Montessori School has proved to be an exception. A progressive school with an expansive curriculum, Montessori School stands staunchly behind the overarching principles of its founder-respect for the child coupled with a conducive learning environment-that allows his full genius to flower. Here, nothing is imposed on the children; rather they gradually discover the world around themselves through their innate curiosity. That is the true essence of education. Light the spark inside the child and let him navigate his own way through the shoals of life. We discourage bookish learning and let the children give a free rein to their imaginations.


I sincerely believe the purpose of education is to produce liberal, progressive citizens with an all-encompassing world view and not narrow-minded bigots. Montessori School has always championed libertarian policies and this is reflected in our curriculum; indeed this could very well be our founding motto! Our children are trained to be just and moral citizens who can go out and make a significant contribution to the world. The world may have undergone monumental changes since our founding but we ensure our principles glow like a beacon for all generations to come.